A unique multiplayer dogfighting experience


Made for
Virtual Reality

Intense 4 vs 4 multiplayer Action

Play with

Level up
and get new planes


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Our Vision:

Experience Scale

With HMD's like the Oculus Rift you are able to become a part of the virtual world. In our environment you are a tiny pilot and you can actually feel the gigantic size of the other objects around you.

Be Social

Play with or against your friends in epic airplane battles. Multiplayer is the most important aspect for us. We've added synchronized head movements. It's just an intense feeling when the virtual avatar of your mate is looking straight at you.

Be playful

The game style is inspired by movies like "Toy Story" or "Monster AG". The environment is colorful and adventurous. Its like a time travell in your childhood. Stay tuned for the gameplay video which will be released soon!

Supporting VR Devices

Toy Plane Heroes is made for VR. We currently support the Oculus CV1, DK2 and the HTC Vive. We are also planning to make TPH compatible with the most common HMD's.

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VR is an exciting new technology. However the market is still very small. We are currently developing our game without any financial support. We just love to make video games for VR. If you want to support the development of Toy Plane Heroes you can buy our game or feel free to donate. Every single Dollar is highly appreciated. Thanks!

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Oasis VR (Jörn Geisler und Angelo Overmeier GbR)
Am Roggenkamp 18
59073 Hamm
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